Conference Champions

2015 Trap Spring League Conference Champions

Congratulations to all individual and teams! The conference award presentation will occur at the 2015 State Tournament.

Awards: Team 1-2 places, High Gun (by gender) 1-3 places

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1st Place Individual:

Conference 1:
Male: Gabe Ottoway-Mineral Point Unified High School
Female: Liz Meisner-Wolf River Lutheran High School

Conference 2:
Male: Cory Schaffer-Drummond High School
Female: Elizabeth Olson-Cochrane-Fountain City High School

Conference 3:
Male: Will Johnson-Potosi High School
Female: Liza Johnson-Potosi High School

Conference 4:
Male: Hunter Moegenburg-St. Croix Central High School
Female: Raegan Sorensen-Unity High School

Conference 5:
Male: Jarett Dowd-St. Croix Falls High School
Female: Lyndsey Nelson-St. Croix Falls High School

Overall High Average: Liza Johnson-Potosi High School

1st Place Team:

Conference 1: Mineral Point Unified High School
Conference 2: Grantsburg High School
Conference 3: Potosi High School
Conference 4: Unity High School
Conference 5: Boscobel High School