Get Ready For The 2016 Fall League!

Shooters_2The fall league provides an opportunity for teams to add new student athletes that are new to the school or those that could not participate on the spring team. The six-week fall league is shorter than the spring league and does not include a season-ending tournament or new teams. 

Trap teams from current high school teams are invited to participate this fall!

Teams (minimum of five athletes) can compete in the fall league!

The team commitment deadline to join the fall league is September 1st

After August 1,  coaches may log in to their Team Management System to submit their team participation commitment for the fall league. Teams that participated in the 2016 spring league are invited to participate in the fall league. No new teams are allowed.

Athlete registration begins August 1st

Athletes from the spring league that are participating on their team for the fall league are not required to register since they already registered for the 2016 season. New student athletes to a team ARE required to register through the League’s electronic registration process that will begin on August 1st.

Any Wisconsin student is eligible to participate if he/she:

  • Is in grades 6 through 12, AND
  • Possesses a state-issued firearm safety/hunter education training certificate, AND
  • Meets all school curricular activity eligibility requirements, AND
  • If the team has room to accommodate the student athlete.

Registration fees are $25 per student athlete per league. Ammunition and target costs are determined by the team.

Click here for more information regarding Policies & Procedures.

Fall league schedule

August 1: Team and Athlete Registration opens
September 1: Team commitment deadline
August 1 – September 11:Roster edits and athlete registration
September 17: $25 per athlete registration fee due
September 22: Fall conferences announced
Week of September 18: Practice/Reserve Week
Week of September 25: Competition Week 1
Week of October 2: Competition Week 2
Week of October 9: Competition Week 3
Week of October 16: Competition Week 4
Week of October 23: Competition Week 5