Wisconsin DNR Announces Range Grant Program

wigrantprogramThe Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has announced a grant program providing $325,000 to build and/or renovate public and private shooting ranges!

Cost Shares of up to 75%!

The Shooting Range Grant Program can cost share up to 50 percent of approved renovation and development costs at private ranges and up to 75 percent at publicly owned ranges. Counties, cities, villages, townships, other governmental agencies or units, clubs or organizations, businesses or corporations and educational institutions are eligible for this program. The $325,000 is available for projects on privately owned ranges. Publicly owned range projects will be evaluated and funded on a case by case basis and will not affect the amount of money available for the grant program.

Grants available to build new ranges or update existing facilities.

Eligible projects include but are not limited to: trap and skeet houses, gun racks, signs, field courses, benches, platforms, sanitary facilities, classrooms, protective fencing, storage areas, shelters, parking, accessible pathways and support facilities.Project costs must be commensurate with benefit.

Check Out the WI DNR Page for More Info!

Visit http://dnr.wi.gov/aid/shootingrange.html to learn more about the grant program, download applications and checklists, and verify your club’s eligibility!