High School Activities Provide Important Benefits to Teens

Extracurricular activities like the Clay Target League are proven to have many important benefits to students. Not only do they get to enjoy a terrific sport, but taking part in activities provides a positive influence on their lives both during, and after, their time in high school!

Extras vs Essential

Extras vs Essential

Student Activities Boost Academic Performance

Young men and women who participate in activities have higher reading grades, better math and science performance, and are more likely to apply and attend post-secondary schools after graduation!

Participation Reduces Drop-Out Rates.

Taking part in just one extracurricular activity reduces the dropout rate by half!

Dollars and Sense

Dollars and Sense

Activity Participation Leads to Reduced High-Risk Behavior

Students who participate in extracurricular activities are less likely to use drugs, tobacco, or alcohol. Extracurricular activity is also linked to lower rates of teen pregnancy.

Participation Builds Social and Emotional Skills

Extracurricular activity is linked to reduced depression, higher self-confidence, and improved leadership skills.

College and Career Readiness

College and Career Readiness

Student Activities Increase College and Career Success

Active students are more likely to attend college and earn a degree. They’re also more likely to attend graduate school to earn advanced degrees!

As you can see, getting young men and women involved in school-approved extra curricular activities like the Clay Target League can make a positive impact on their lives. Make a difference! Click ‘Start A Team’ in the menu to learn more about starting a team at your school! —-

Information and videos provided by the Alliance for Student Activities Click here to learn more about the benefits of high school extracurricular activities.

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