2014 Fall Trap League Overview

Fall-League-HeadlineWelcome to the 2014 fall league!

Teams that participated in the 2014 Wisconsin State High School Clay Target League’s spring league are invited to participate in the fall league. No new teams are allowed. Thanks to the contributions of time, talent and knowledge of hundreds of volunteer coaches and parents, young shooting enthusiasts can enjoy shooting sports this fall and then for the rest of their life. What a great time to add new members to your team!

Athlete registration ends September 9th.

Athletes participating on their team’s fall league are not required to register since they already registered for the 2014 season. New student athletes to a team ARE required to register through the League’s electronic registration process. Click here for student athlete registration information.

Fall League schedule

August 8: Team commitment deadline.
August 15 – September 5: Roster edits and athlete registration
September 10: $25 per athlete per league registration fee due to WSHSCTL
September 12: Conferences announced
Week of September 14: Practice/Reserve Week
Week of September 21: Competition Week 1
Week of September 28: Competition Week 2
Week of October 5: Competition Week 3
Week of October 12: Competition Week 4
Week of October 19: Competition Week 5
No State Tournament.



Below is a summary of the places and honors that will be awarded for the Fall Skeet League.

Conference 1

1st Place Team Overall

High Average Male- 1st, and 2nd place

High Average Female- 1st, and 2nd place

High Overall Average- Male

High Overall Average- Female

League High Overall Average