2014 State Tournament

2013-WSHSCTL-Tourney-LogoEveryone is invited to participate!

Friday, June 13, 2014 – 9:30 a.m.
WTA Shooting Complex – Rome, WI

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The Wisconsin State High School Clay Target League invites all student athletes to participate in the State Tournament.

In order of importance, the three priorities of the Wisconsin State High School Clay Target League are safety, fun and marksmanship. All participants and spectators are required to adhere to all State Tournament rules and requirements included in the WSHSCTL’s 2014 Policies & Procedures guidebook. Any participant or attendee who does not adhere to these rules will be disqualified and/or asked to leave the State Tournament. The State Tournament committee reserves the right to make alterations in, or amendments to these rules at any time without notice.

Important deadlines.

All athletes must register for participation in the State Tournament through their team. No deadline extensions will be allowed.
May 1-15: Athlete registration.
May 22: Non-refundable payment of $25 per athlete due.


All current Wisconsin State High School Clay Target League student athletes are invited to participate.

Tournament registration.

Coaches will login to their Team Management System and select “State Tournament Registration” to select the participating athletes and designate their classification. No members can be added or changed after a team has submit their roster. Please make sure all the information is correct prior to submission. You should print a copy of your State Tournament roster after your submission.

Participation fee.

$25 per athlete. Includes t-shirt, targets, backpack, and sponsor gifts.
No refunds.
Coaches will send payment to WSHSCTL, 1501 Heggen Street, Suite 205, Hudson, WI 54016

Spectator area, tents, food and chairs.

All spectators are welcomed to attend the State Tournament. There is no entrance fee. Team setups including tents and chairs are allowed in the areas designated for spectators. Vehicles are temporary allowed to drive to the spectator area prior to competition to unload gear. Coolers for food and non-alcoholic beverages are allowed. Grills are not allowed near the trap fields. Spectators must adhere to the designated areas so Tournament officials and maintenance vehicles can maneuver.

Targets and ammunition.

Targets are included with the participation fee. All athletes are responsible for providing their own ammunition.
Novice = 100 targets
Junior Varsity = 100 targets
Varsity = 100 targets
Voice-released targets will be used on all fields.

Suspension of competition due to hazardous weather conditions.

In the event of inclement weather before or during the State Tournament, the WSHSCTL will make safety their first priority. When lightening is observed or thunder is heard, the tournament must be suspended. The occurrence of lightning or thunder is not subject to interpretation or discussion. Lightning is lightning; thunder is thunder.

Everyone will be asked to take shelter either inside of a building, shelter or vehicle. If, after lightning is seen, and it does not reoccur for 30 minutes, the tournament committee will review weather reports and the committee will decide if/or when the competition will resume.If severe weather is forecasted, and time permits, all participants will shoot a lesser number of targets as determined by the tournament committee. If time permits, all participants will shoot more targets until the prescribed number of targets has been shot. If weather does not permit completion of the shooting, the team with the highest score of the round(s) every shooter was able to complete, will be deemed the winner of that competition.

If a competition cannot be held due to severe/inclement weather, the competition will be cancelled.

Competition format.

Student athletes shoot their assigned number of targets to compete in BOTH individual and team (if relevant) events. Student athlete’s classifications for individual competition are determined by the athlete’s year-end average weekly score after Week 5. Classifications include:
Novice: 0-14.99 average per round
Junior Varsity: 15-18.99 average per round
Varsity 19-25 average per round

Individual competition.

All athletes will participate in the “High Gun” (highest number of targets hit) competitions in their corresponding classification. If a tiebreaker is required for any places, the longest run of hit targets by the athletes will be used. The longest run score will start from the last target and count backwards until a missed target is reached to determine the tiebreaker score. If there is a tie after the longest run is totaled, then a tie for first place is declared.

Team competition.

Each team will use their five best individual scores from the day to use for their team score. The highest team total will be declared State Tournament Team Champion. No squadding is required. If a tiebreaker is required for any places, the highest round score will be used to break the tie.

Coach check-in.

Coaches are required to check-in at the registration tables located in the clubhouse. They will receive all t-shirts, backpacks and other information for their entire team.

Athlete check-in.

Athletes need to check-in with their coaches near their assigned field(s) before their assigned times. Athletes DO NOT need to check-in at the clubhouse.

Scheduled shooting times and field assignments.

Registration 9:30 a.m.
Opening Ceremonies: 10:30
Tournament to follow

Specific time and field assignments for teams will be posted at the WTA Shooting Complex during the State Tournament. Athletes will only be able to shoot during their team’s scheduled time on their team’s designated field(s). It is possible that final remaining members of team may be combined with another partial team to create a full squad of participants to maximize time allotment.

Range Safety Officials.

Range Safety Officers (RSO) are responsible to coordinating teams to shoot at their scheduled time and field. They are also responsible for following all policies and procedures in addition to ensuring the safety of everyone. RSO’s are identified blaze orange shirts or vests. Everyone is expected to comply to all instructions of the RSO’s.

Add a label to your shotgun.

Add a label that includes your name, school team and contact information on your firearm. With many participants and possible similar shotguns, there is always a chance for a mistaken shotgun.


Official scorers are provided by WTA Shooting Complex. Scores are recorded on a scoring sheet and tallied in the clubhouse. Scores will be posted on clubhouse monitors, on the clubhouse printed scoreboard areas and on the results website page.

The only time a score may be disputed is on the trap field after a scorer has announced the round scores. Scores can be verified in the clubhouse, but not changed unless there is a scoring error in writing.


The following awards will be awarded:
Team – Top 5 scores added total: 1st & 2nd places
Individual – Novice (Male/Female) 1st & 2nd places, Junior Varsity (Male/Female) 1st & 2nd places, Varsity (Male/Female) 1st & 2nd places
Overall High Gun (highest score by individual)

No alcohol or tobacco use allowed.

Please refrain from the use of alcohol or tobacco during competition near the trap fields or spectator areas.

Emergency preperation.

Coaches should bring emergency contact information for all their athletes for reference if needed.

Tournament t-shirt.

All participating athletes will receive an official State Tournament t-shirt. If you want to order additional State Tournament t-shirts, contact Cory Brathol at cbrathol@wiclaytarget.com by May 20th. All shirts can be picked up at the State Tournament. A limited supply of tournament t-shirts will be available for sale at the State Tournament.


Ample on-site free parking is available to all participants.

Roadway construction.

Check often with WIDOT for the latest news regarding road construction that may delay your travels.

Thank you!

To coaches, assistants, schools and parents for everything you do to provide your student athletes this unique opportunity to participate in the State Tournament.

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All rules are subject to change prior to the State Tournament without notice.