Shooter Performance Tracker®

Monitor your progress easily and set goals!

Athletes can view scores and rankings from their Shooter Performance Tracker™on their computer, phone or tablet devices.

Athletes can view scores and rankings from their Shooter Performance Tracker® on their computer, phone or tablet devices.

Shooter Performance Tracker™ example.

Shooter Performance Tracker® example.

The Shooter Performance Tracker® (SPT) is the League’s exclusive performance tracking tool provided to all participants of the League. Each athlete receives personal access to the web-based application to monitor their True Team® scoring and progress rankings compared against their team, their conference, their class, and all other athletes in the state. Athletes can share access to to their SPT so friends and family can watch their favorite clay target league athlete on any computer, tablet, or mobile device!

Monitor your progress and set goals.

SPT allows you to monitor your progress in all areas of League performance including weekly average, True Team® scoring points earned, personal best performances, team standings, and overall league information and updates. Your personal ranking dashboard shows you how you rank by week and overall within the season. Set ranking goals with yourself and coach throughout the year to help you improve your shooting skills!

View your Shooter Performance Tracker® anytime and anywhere.

Parents and athletes receive access information after they successfully complete the athlete registration that they receive from their team’s coach before the League starts. When scores get published on Saturday night, SPT users can login in from the League’s home page to get the latest update.

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