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The purpose of the Wisconsin State High School Clay Target League is to attract students to participate in shooting sports while creating  friendly competition among high schools throughout Wisconsin!

With the assistance of hundreds of volunteer coaches and parents, student athletes in grades six through twelve represent their high school by competing in weekly trap shooting at their local shooting range. Scores are submitted online and compared against other high school trap teams within their conference. The WSHSCTL provides a safe, comfortable, and positive team environment that enhances a student athlete’s character and personal growth through safe, educational, and socially acceptable involvement in shooting sports.

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There are 5 easy steps to start a team and join the League in 2016!

1. Learn… More about our league by surfing the pages on our website including the rules, forms and schedule for important deadlines to participate. You can also get most answers to common questions be visiting our FAQ page.

2. E-mail… us and let the League know you’re interested in joining by clicking here. We can provide the knowledge and tools you need to get you started.

3. Contact… your local gun club or shooting range and secure your day and time to shoot, costs and volunteer assistance. You can find a shooting range by clicking here.

4. Talk… to your school’s athletic/activity director and get permission to form a team. They may also help find volunteer coaches within the school.

5. Recruit… students within in your school to join your team through information meetings, brochures and posters in your school. Download the Student Athlete Recruitment Kit.

The League has promotional materials, forms and contact information to help you get your team started. We can also assist with setting up your school’s team with gun clubs or shooting ranges that are in your area. Active parents and volunteers are key to get recognition and acceptance of shooting sports in our schools.

Start preparing now to have your high school team join the Spring League for 2016. All teams that participate in the Spring League are invited to participate in the Fall League. Contact us and let us know how the League can help you get your high school trap team started next year!

Any high school can join!

WI-PP-Cover-WebSchool Eligibility
Any public, private or parochial high school in Wisconsin are invited to participate. Teams require:
• Approval from the school (School Board, Principal, and/or Activities/Athletic Director)
• Use of the school name
• A volunteer head coach
• Access to a local shooting range
Schools are strongly encouraged to provide a lettering program and photo in the yearbook.

Team Eligibility
In the spirit with which the League was formed, we encourage all athletes who possess a valid hunter education course certificate to be included on a team based on submission of registration (first come, first serve) and not by tryouts.
• A minimum of 5 student athletes are required to form a team.
• Different schools may combine student athletes from different school districts to form a team.
• A minimum of 1 coach for every 10 team members is required.
• An unlimited number of members may be on a team as long as the athlete-to-coach ratio is in compliance.
• The number of members on a team will also be determined by gun club capacity.
It is important that the head coach and the gun club work together to determine the number of students the coaching staff and facility can safely and efficiently accommodate.

What student athletes can join a team?

Any Wisconsin student is eligible to participate if he/she:
Is in grades 6 through 12, AND
Possesses a state-issued Hunter Education Certificate, AND
Meets all school curricular activity eligibility requirements, AND
If the team has room to accommodate the student athlete.

Learn about obtaining your Hunter Education Certificate!


Why schools love the League!

It is a safe sport. Since the League’s inception in 2001 that has included more than 6,000 participants, and more than 6 million shots fired, there has been no injuries and no Gun-Free Zone violations reported. The League’s priorities, in order of importance, are safety, fun and marksmanship.

Sportsmanship is important. The league requires participants and their parents to agree to sportsmanship expectations that includes conduct, fair play, chemical-free participation, academic priorities and safety.

Co-ed team. It is the only high school sport that boys and girls participate on the same team and use the same rules.

Lifetime outdoor recreation sport. Gets kids out of the house and into a sport they can be enjoyed for a lifetime with their friends and family.

No travel except to local gun club. Easier for parents and kids to manage schedules than other sports.

Trapshooting is an Olympic sport. Kids can aspire to become the best in the world at a sport they love.

Insured. Each participant, coach and volunteer are provided insurance at no additional cost.

Equally opportunity participation. Not every person has the athletic ability to participate in every sport. Everyone is invited to participate.

Lettering program. Most high schools recognize trapshooting as a letter sport.

Fall League.  A 6-week fall league is available for all participating spring league teams and provides an opportunity to introduce new members to your team.

More affordable than most sports. Typical costs are about $200-$250 for the year and paid for by the kids. Sponsors are encouraged to support the teams through fundraising and/or donations.

Young and old on the same team. Kids in grades 6-12 may participate on the same team.

Virtually no school administration required. The coaches and the League takes care of required paperwork, scheduling and scoring. In most cases, the trap team is formed as a club activity which minimizes school administration needs.

Yearbook inclusion. Kids appreciate that their club is recognized like all the other clubs and sports.

State tournament inclusion. Each participant is invited to the State Tournament each year. It is the only sport that provides the opportunity for each kid to experience a tournament atmosphere while participating in the largest shooting sport tournament in the state.

Physically challenged acceptable. Shooting sports can accommodate student athletes who have a physical disability or limited mobility.

It’s a very popular sport in Wisconsin. Compliments Wisconsin’s hunting heritage.

Local businesses support their local teams. The league connects community with schools and kids.

100% satisfied customers. Through an annual coaches survey, the League received a 100% overall satisfaction rating.

Gun clubs benefit from a younger audience. These local business are seeing dramatic increases in revenue from the kids and their families participating more in shooting sports.

Scholarship available. The League provides a $1,000 scholarship to a graduating senior who is pursuing an education in environmental sciences or natural resources.

Parents involved. Many parents help with collaborative coaching and team management assistance.

Athletes can participate in other sports or activities. Most teams have flexible shooting schedules.

The success of the team is more important than individuals. Every athlete on a team has the ability to contribute to a team’s score through our True Team™ scoring method.

Mentoring adults. Many volunteers from gun clubs become great mentors for the kids.

It’s fun for the kids. Just ask them.

It’s Minnesota’s fastest growing high school sport. From 30 kids to more than 3,400 in just 5 years. Learn more by visiting their website.


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